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Wildlife Art Expo 2008 in aid of Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Chris Shields -
Overall Winner with his painting
Blue Kingfisher Green Water

Chris Shields bird watching at an RSPB reserve in Norfolk England.

In the painting gallery you will see a selection of paintings and drawings covering varied subjects from landscapes and seascapes to wildlife, still-life and people.  
My paintings and drawings vary in size from around A4 to over a metre across and are painted on canvas, watercolour paper or board. The medium too varies; oil paint, acrylic, pastel and mixed media.  
They are created predominately in three different styles; photo realism (e.g. still life paintings), impressionistic (e.g. Blue Kingfisher Green Water) and detailed illustrative (e.g. Coiled Corn Snake).
Recently I am concentrating on the impressionistic style of painting; these pictures are usually the larger works and are painted onto canvas in acrylic paint applied with pallet knives and with some brush work.
Creating these paintings is a very pleasant change from working on my highly detailed gouache and watercolour illustrations, which are done sitting at a desk, hunched over a board with my nose only few centimetres from the work and often with the aid of a hand lens.
When I produce the larger paintings and pastel drawings I am standing at an easel and working at arms length. I tend to get covered in paint and feel like a proper artist!

As a wildlife artist and keen naturalist I have a particular interest in moths and butterflies and always include one in each of my paintings, although they are sometimes very hard to find!

If you wish to purchase any of the original paintings, prints or illustrations, (Many are available as limited edition prints on paper or canvas) or comment on anything you see  on this web site or commission new artwork please email  or use the contact page.

Thank you for visiting my website and please enjoy browsing though the many images.

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